VuAir - Aerial Film & Photography

Aerial Cinematography for Film and TV projects.


When there is a lot going on, we give you the best view.

Be Creative

Unrivaled freedom and mobility to capture unimaginable footage.

Don't compromise

See the whole picture and the detail.

Beautiful and practical

Whatever your use may be, do it in a unique way.

We use Flying cameras
to take impossible shots!

Why work with us?

It always seems impossible until its done. Get the perfect shot!


Super-Quick setup and deployment. Do more with your time!


Produce rock-solid footage with industry standard HD cameras.

High Definition

Light and lean. Equipment is 100% electric – No CO2 emissions.


Operations regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority.


Recent Work

Showreel 2014!

The latest showreel with footage from recent jobs including series, broadcast, film and documentaries.


Small independent project shot entirely by the VuAir rig (flying and handheld) and edited by us.

2013 Showreel
Showreel 2013

The VuAir 2013 Showreel. Looked great back then, and still ok now but we’ve come a long way!